Library Songs, Volume 1

Ms. Gwin Librarian

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Help your students brush up on their library literacy skills with songs from Ms. Gwin, Librarian. Students learn about genre, taking care of books, parts of a book and using a shelf marker. Musical library lesson plans are sure to be a win for your library!

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Lyric samples . . .

GENRE GENRE  Genre, genre,  I can understand what makes this book part of a  genre family. Are you in the mood for something spooky with goblins or maybe ghosts? It’s all about supernatural. The Horror genre you may love the most. Want a story with actual history that might include famous events?  But the plot is still made up, not true. Then historical fiction is the genre for you.  What about Action-Adventure my friend where we go on a journey or quest? Or get your sillies out with the Humor genre. Open a book and let your mind... open a book and let your mind do the rest!

PARTS OF A BOOK  Come on, come  on let’s take a look at the very interesting parts of a book. Turn the book to it’s side. The spine is what you see.  We find a special address.  “Where the book lives,” that’s what it tells me.

SHELF MARKER SONG  Every book has an address.  Every book has a home.  There are so many books here, how can I possibly know? How can I know where to put this book back? Well guess what everybody? We have a tool for that! A shelf marker is a wonderful tool to help me find books in the library at school.  And when I have a job, a decision I face, I use a shelf marker to hold my book's place.

TAKING CARE OF BOOKS  Taking care of books. Taking care of books. Don't give me any awful looks. I'm taking care of books.  Keep liquids away. Keep food away.  Keep pigeons away.  Keep weather away.  Hold it like a baby.  Not just by one side. That’ll hurt the book’s spine.  You wouldn’t do that to a baby!   Library books belong to everyone. Someone else wants them when you're done. So treat them like you are the one who wants them next.

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