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Piano & Voice Lessons

Hi there!  PIANO & VOICE LESSONS are given from my home in south LUBBOCK, TX near 98th & Indiana. I am a state certified teacher, currently serving as a School Librarian, but I also taught music for several years (both elementary music as well as secondary choirs.)

I have over 15 years of experience teaching piano as well as several years experience in live performance and worship leading. Since I currently teach in a public school, I have an active background check. 

Lessons are $100 per month.  I teach beginners through advanced students. Early to middle elementary age is a good time to start, but you can start at any age! I enjoy teaching theory along with note and rhythm literacy. Beginning students should be ready to practice at least 5 times per week for 20-30 minutes to make progress.

Once a student has a year or two of experience, I can also teach playing by chord charts. If you are at all interested in playing popular music or modern/contemporary worship music, I highly recommend learning to play this way in addition to classical training.

After the first month of lessons, a contract commitment will be required, and will continue indefinitely until agreed upon notice to cease lessons is given.

Lessons operate on 3 semesters (SPRING: January 2 - May 31, SUMMER: June 1 - July 31, and FALL: August 1 - December 31st.)  You will have anywhere from 3-5 lessons per month, usually 4. Price will not change based on number of lessons EXCEPT May and December fee will be reduced and have fewer lessons. Summer semester, though 2 months long, will be 4 lessons scheduled according to mutually available time between student/teacher, and will cost $100.

Missed Lessons:   You will be able to be reimbursed for 1 missed lesson (planned or not) per Spring/Fall semester if we cannot find a mutual time to reschedule it during the next month.

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For more information or questions, please call  (469) 400-8016.  I look forward to speaking with you!


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